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The Nordic Edit Story


It all started on holiday. Isn't that the way of most brilliant ideas?

Nordic Edit is our dream come true, two friends who spent a weekend in Stockholm in the company of other fine friends and fell in love with the simplicity, sense and style we found on every street corner. 

When we returned to Scotland we just couldn't lose that craving for clutter-free living, for well-made items designed to last and for smart thinking that made life just that little bit more enjoyable. Perhaps the fact that we are both mums to small children made this feel even more valuable! When it seemed hard to find the same design sentiment at home, we decided to take on the challenge and made it our mission to source and share true design finds with like-minded souls on these shores.

So began a series of expeditions to experience new cities, cultures and cuisines and discover the best designers. So began Nordic Edit and this curated collection of design brands.

Some are iconic, even legendary. Some are just breaking into the UK. That's part of the Nordic appeal: a heritage of craft and talent that is always looking to the future and how to improve everyday living. 

We aim to share pieces that you will treasure and enjoy!

Tak, Tack, Takk, Thanks!

Kate & Karin x